Sustainable Finance Principles Education

Sustainable Finance Policy

To realize a national economy that grows stably, inclusively and sustainably with the ultimate goal of providing economic and social welfare to all people and protecting and managing the environment wisely in Indonesia, the economic development process must prioritize harmony in economic, social and environmental aspects.

Sustainable Finance is comprehensive support from the financial services sector to create sustainable economic growth by aligning economic, social and environmental interests.

Principles of Sustainable Finance Implementation

The implementation of Bank Mestika Sustainable Finance can be done by using:

  1. The principle of responsible investment, It is the financial investment approach to sustainable development projects and initiatives, natural conservation products, and policies that support sustainable economic development and believe that the creation of long-term investment returns depends on economic, social, environmental and governance systems;
  2. The principles of strategy and sustainable business practices, it is the development of value for the financial services sector to contribute to society through policies and business practices and the implementation of business strategies by Bank Mestika by minimizing negative impacts and integrating economic, social, environmental and governance aspects both in each sector and the strategies of each line of business;
  3. Principles of social risk management and the Environment, It is integrating aspects of social responsibility and protection and management of the Environment in risk management in order to avoid, prevent and minimize negative impacts arising from risk exposures related to social and environmental aspects;
  4. The principles of governance, It is the implementation of governance in the aspect of social responsibility as well as protection and management of the Environment which is transparent, accountable, responsible, independent, equal and fair;
  5. The principles of informative communication, the use of appropriate communication models related to organizational strategy, governance, performance, and business prospects to all stakeholders;
  6. Inclusive principle, it is equal access to Bank Mestika products and / or services for the community, as well as reaching all areas of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia to accelerate economic progress, social welfare, and environmental protection, especially for people who have had no or less access to products. and / or services of LJK, Issuer, and Public Company;
  7. The principle of developing priority leading sectors, namely providing a larger portion of the leading sectors which are prioritized to achieve sustainable development goals, including mitigation and adaptation to climate change; and
  8. The principle of coordination and collaboration, It is increasing coordination and collaboration of all stakeholders in the financial services sector including ministries, institutions, sectors or business units that have work programs closely related to the implementation of sustainable development to accelerate the improvement of economic, social and environmental welfare for all Indonesian people and encourage participation community related to economic, social, environmental and governance aspects.

Sustainable Finance Products

  1. Green Housing Loan
    • Environmentally Friendly Housing Ownership Loans
    • Environmentally friendly Housing Project Financing-Developer
  2. Credit for responsible consumption and production activities
  3. Credit for Sustainable Agricultural Business Activities
    • Agricultural Project Financing that prioritizes Environmentally Friendly Chemistry and / or Organic Concepts.
    • Financing of plantations whose land does not originate from forest destruction, already has ISPO / RSPO or other environmentally friendly certificates, and complies with regulations.
    • Utilization of oil palm plantation waste for cattle feed and then using cow dung for agricultural fertilizer.
    • Utilization of oil palm plantation waste for biogas

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