Trade Finance

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To support the development of your local or international business, Bank Mestika provides various services and financing to suit your business needs.

  1. Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  2. Bank Gurantee is a document issued by the bank to give unconditional guarantee fot the completion of a duty by a particular party (Account Party) or the client, in case of failure of this party to fulfill its obligations to the beneficiary. SBLC is a bank guarantee in the form of an LC issued by the bank to give unconditional guarantee for payments form the beneficiary/ exporter/ seller, if the account party/ importer/ buyer is a client of the bank and fails to fulfill its obligations.
  3. Letter of Credit (L/C) and SKBDN (Local L/C)
  4. Is a document issued by the issuing bank as requested by its client (applicant/ account party/ importer/ buyer) who represents the bank’s commitment to make payments to the third party (beneficiary/ exporter/ seller) for the purchase of goods and/ or services.
  5. Trust Receipt (T/R)
  6. Is to provide revolving short term capital financing for business debtors to fulfill their obligations for a letter of credit (L/C) or SKBDN (Local L/C) issued by Bank Mestika by handing over the Trust Receipt (T/R) document by the debtors.
  7. Pre- Export Financing
  8. Is to provide capital financing for business debtors based on the revolving Letter of Credit (L/C) for the purchase of raw materials, production process needs and procurement.


  1. Individual:
    • Indonesian Citizen
  2. Badan Usaha, dengan kriteria sebagai berikut :
    • Registered in Indonesia
    • Limited Liability or Firms or Sole Proprietors
    • The owners of firms or sole proprietors have to be Indonesian citizens

  • For these services, prospective debtors are subject to chargers which shall be made available in their bank account.
  • Debtors shall fulfill their obligations to the bank on time.
  • Client’s complaints : complaints regarding the use of the products of the bank can be made face to face, via email, letters and call centre.
  • For more information about trade finance, call your nearest branch of Bank Mestika.

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