Tabungan SimPel

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Tabungan SimPel is savings for students launched nationally in Indonesia with simple terms and conditions as well as attractive features for education and financial inclusion to encourage the culture of saving money. Tabungan SimPel has the following benefits:

  • Savings book is provided.
  • Free monthly administration fee
  • Transactions can be served at school and any bank channels.

Terms and Conditions of “Tabungan SimPel”

  • This is a personal savings for Indonesian students.
  • This savings is particularly for students aged below 17 and do not have a KTP (resident identification card).
  • The customer shall complete an Account Opening Form and Personal Data Form.
  • The account is opened as a joint account “QQ”.
  • The customer shall have a minimum initial seposit of Rp 5.000,-
  • The next minimum deposit is Rp 1,000,-
  • The minimum balance is Rp 5.000,-
  • Withdrawals at school can only be made twice a month at most and the following withdrawals can only be made at the bank.
  • The maximum amount of withdrawals in school Rp 250.000, - withdrawal of more than Rp 250,000, - can only be processed at the Bank
  • Transactions that are not printed on the passbook during the three (3) consecutive months will be combined into one (1) transaction (cumulative) debit and credit
  • If the customer passed away, the disbursement of savings by the heirs must comply with the terms and conditions.


  • The replacement fee of passbook / statement if lost / damaged: Free
  • Monthly administration fee: Free
  • Monthly dormant administration fee: Rp 1.000,-
  • Account closing fee: Rp 5.000,-
  • Mutation printing fee: Rp 5.000,- / page

Products Risk
  • If the passbook is lost, then:
    • The client shall close the account at the bank where the opening has been done.
    • The client shall sign a loss declaration with sufficient stamps.
    • The client shall open a new account if necessary.
  • The account will be closed automatically when the account balance is below Rp 5.000,-
  • The bank has the rights to block a bank account anytime based on its discretion considering any inappropriate use of the account.
  • The savings account becomes dormant if the client has not made any transactions for 6 (six) consecutive months and the client shall reactivate the account at the office where the opening has been done.

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