Telegraphic Transfer

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Payment systems with sophisticated technology, lightweight cost and a competitive rate.

Transfer / Remittance

is a product remittance in the form of remittances Outgoing TT (Telegraphic Transfer) and the draft with a choice of currencies USD, AUD, SGD and receive remittances from abroad, which is Incoming TT. Sender is either customers or non customers, both individuals and business entities. Other errors such as name errors and account number errors are the responsibility of the sender. The benefit transfer is to facilitate the payment transaction, the sophisticated technology of payment system, lightweight cost, a competitive rate and efficiency of your time.

Inkaso / Collection Draft / Cheque

Inkaso is billing checks, money orders, and other debt securities to the issuer of securities and receive payment from the payer (paying bank) This term includes checks, money orders / drafts, notes, etc.. Bank Mestika provide service to collect payment on checks, money orders / drafts and notes to the collectible party / other cities in the country (Inward Collection) or a foreign country (Outward Collection) in the foreign of USD, SGD, AUD and Rupiah. The benefit is to help billing payment on a check, money order / draft or bank draft inter-city and inter-state. For information about the procedure and costs please contact the offices of Bank Mestika nearby.

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