Great Wealth Assurance

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Great Wealth Assurance is a life insurance product issued by PT Great Eastern Life Indonesia. Great Wealth Assurance provides Death Benefit, Living Benefit and Maturity Benefit. Only need to pay one-time premium payment for whole life coverage with Sum Insured up to 40 times from the Standard Single Premium (depending on the entry age).

  • Coverage Period : Up to Insured age 99 years old
  • Sum Insured :
Entry Age Sum Insured Multiplier
14 days – 24 yr 40 x SSP*
25 – 34 yrs 20 x SSP*
35 – 44 yrs 10 x SSP*
45 – 54 yrs 5 x SSP*
55– 64 yrs 3 x SSP*
65 – 70 yrs 2 x SSP*

1. Standard Single Premium (SSP) is the premium of the basic policy with no extra premium or additional discount.
2. Lien Clause Condition may apply for Juvenile, and the rules following the current Underwriting provisions.
3. Aggregation with all similar traditional products individuals with reference to underwriting provisions.

  • Insurance Benefits :
  1. Death Benefit
    • In the event the Insured dies due to any cause, as long as the Insurance Period and Policy is still inforce, then the Policy Holder or designated Beneficiary may receive a 100% (one hundred percent) Death Benefit reduced by the Living Benefit that has been paid (if any) and subsequently the Policy Terminated.
      In the event the Insured dies due to any cause during the Insurance period and the Policy is still inforce and the Insured has not reached the age of 5 (five) years, then the Company will pay the Death Benefit in accordance with the table below considering the applicable costs and/ or in arrears:
  2. Age when the Insured death Death Benefit
    1 20% from Sum Insured
    2 40% from Sum Insured
    3 60% from Sum Insured
    4 80% from Sum Insured
    5 100% from Sum Insured
  3. Living Benefit
    • As long as the Policy is still inforce, especially for the Insured who at the time of the Insurance Start Date is less than 51 (fifty-one) y.o, then when the Insured reaches the age of 65 (sixty-five) years, the Company will pay the Living Benefits to Policy Holders amounting to 100% (one hundred percent) of the Standard Single Premium.
  4. Maturity Benefit
    • In the event that the Insured is still alive until the end date of Insurance and the Policy is still valid, then the Company will pay the Final Benefit of Insurance to the Policy Holder amounting to 100% (one hundred percent) of the Sum insured minus the Living Benefit that has been paid (if any) and then the Policy Terminated.

Entry Age :
Insured: 14 days – 70 y.o
Policy Holder: 18 – 90 y.o
* Last Birthday Method
Premium :
Minimum Premium : IDR 10.000.000,-

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