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TabunganKu is saving for individual Indonesian citizen with simple requirements issued by Indonesia banks in order to foster the culture of saving and improving the welfare of society. Savings has several advantages as folllows :

  1. Having a saving book.
  2. Free monthly administration fee.
  3. Interest rates is multirate that the higher the balance, the higher the interest can be earned, and it is calculated based on daily balances.
  4. Auto debit is available for PDAM Tirtanadi bills, electricity bills and phone bills (Telkom and Indihome, XL, Telkomsel: Halo, and Indosat Ooredoo)

Term and Conditions

  1. The client shall complete an Account Opening Form and Personal Data Form.
  2. Submit the copy of ID such as KTP/SIM/Passport (for the passport, the aged is 17 years and above).
  3. Depositor under guardianship (under age), must open joint account (QQ) with parents for students who do not have ID proof, by attaching a student's birth certificate, family card, and proof of parents' identity.
  4. Account opening can only be done before the bank customer service officer.
  5. The client shall have a minimum beginning balance of Rp.20.000,-
  6. The next cash deposit minimum is Rp.10.000,-
  7. The client shall have a minimum balance of Rp.20.000,-
  8. The minimum amount of withdrawal through teller is Rp.100,000, - except when the customer wants to close the account.
  9. Withdrawal transaction can only be done in the branch of opening account.
  10. Transactions which are not printed onto the savings book for 3 (three) consecutive months shall be cumulated into 1 (one) debit/credit transaction.
  11. If the client passes away, the release of the savings by the heir shall conform to the prevailing laws.

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  1. In case of the loss of the savings book :
    • The client shall close the account at the bank where the opening has been done.
    • The client shall sign a loss declaration with sufficient stamps.
    • The client shall open a new account if necessary.
  2. The account is automatically closed if the balance is “0”.
  3. The bank has the rights to block a bank account anytime based on its discreation considering any inappropriate use of the account.
  4. The account balance shall be deducted if the interest is unable to cover the administration fee.
  5. The savings account becomes dormant if the client has not made any transactions for 6 ( six ) consecutive months and the client shall reactivate the account at the office where the opening has been done.

Any changes in the terms and conditions and/or costs associated with the product shall be informed by the bank via electronic media and/or announcement and/or registered mail and/or courier ( expedition ) and/or directly via telephone. Notice sent via registered mail or courier ( expedition ) is considered to have been received by the client 7 ( seven ) days after dispatch.


  1. Free monthly administration fee.
  2. Free book / statement sheet replacement fee when it is lost / damaged.
  3. Monthly dormant fee is Rp.2.000,-
  4. Account closure fee is Rp. 20.000,-
  5. Cumulative transaction printing costs Rp. 5.000, - per page.

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