Mestika Mobile

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Mestika Mobile is a combination of mobile banking and token Internet Banking which is used for financial transaction and non financial transaction through your smartphone. Internet Banking Individual and Mobile Banking offer speed and convenience for Customer to commit banking transaction.
Customer has to insert code which is a result of Mestika Token Individual when the customer would like to execute financial transaction and non financial transaction.
Balance Information and history transaction are non financial transactions without the Mestika Token Individual. Customer has to insert PIN every time he uses the Mestika Token Individual and executes transaction from Mobile Banking.
There are 10 digits of input code which is inserted as challenge dan 10 digits of response as response code every financial transaction and non financial transaction.
Customer can inform Customer Service when Mestika Token Individual is lost or damaged. Follow our Customer Service to get back your Mestika Token Individual. Internet Banking Individual has many interesting features that allow you to commit banking transaction from your gadget.
The main features :

  1. Transfers within Mestika accounts.
  2. Transfers between Bank in real time online service (the member of ATM Bersama)
  3. Purchase transaction (AS / Simpati).
  4. Bill Payment transaction. (HALO and Internet Telkom).
  5. Balance Information.
  6. History transaction.

To use the Internet banking, the client can register at the customer service at a Bank Mestika branch. The terms and conditions for registration are:

  1. The client has a savings account, ATM card and e-mail.
  2. The client has to complete the Mobile Banking Application Form.
  3. The client has already activated Internet Banking.


  1. The client shall make written report to Bank Mestika when terminating the Internet banking service or contact MestikaCall 14083 in case of UserID and PIN abuse by the third party.
  2. Transaction failures may happen due to problems with the network.
  3. Bank Mestika is not responsible for any abuse of the Internet banking services by parties other than the account owner due to the client’s negligence.

Any changes in the terms and conditions and/or costs associated with the product shall be informed by the bank via electronic media and/or announcement and/or registered mail and/or courier (expedition) and/or directly via telephone. Notice sent via registered mail or courier (expedition) is considered to have been received by the client 7 (seven) days after dispatch.

For more information call us MestikaCall 14083 or visit our nearest branch.