Kavling Land Loan

  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Additional Information

Consumer Loans
As time goes by, consumer will increas, which does not cost a little. Bank Mestika’s Consumer Loans help meet your needs.
We have various types of consumer loans for your needs:

  1. Multi Purpose Loans
  2. Home Loans
  3. Car Loans
  4. Land Loans

Land Loans
Vacant land is now popular. In addition to being able to choose the location, we can also build your dream house. However, it is not cheap. A Bank Mestika Land Loan helps you to materialize your dream. It is a consumptive loan for individual clients to own a block of land in a housing complex constructed by developers, for a period of up to 8 years.

Debtor Criteria

  • Indonesian citizen
  • Aged 21 or married and up to 55 (employee) or 65 (entrepreneur/ professional) when the credit scheme ends; up to 75 for multi-purpose loans- channeling
  • Permanently employed
  • Minimum 2 years of employment/ business record

Fees for the application for Multi-purpose Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans and Land Loans :

  1. Administration
  2. Provision
  3. Loss Insurance
  4. Life Insurance (not applicable for car loans)
  5. Contract and warranty
  6. Appraisal fee (if necessary)

Documents needed for opening an account for Land Loans

Type of Documents




Original Loan Application Form

Copy of identification card (KTP) of the applicant and spouse (if married)

Copy of Family Card

Copy of Marriage Certificate/ Prenuptial Agreement/ Birth Certificates of the eldest and youngest children/ Certificate of Change of Name (if applicable)

Passport photos of debtors and spouse

Copy of Tax Identifications Number (NPWP)

Copy of Business License (SIUP) and Business Registration (TDP)

- -

Copy of Profession License



Bank Statement/ Savings (last 3 months)

Pay Slip/Certificate of Employment and annual Tax Report (SPT PPh 21)

- -

Financial Report/ Income Statement/ Annual Tax Report (SPT PPh 21)


Credit Life Insurance Policy attached with Banker’s Clause for Bank Mestika

Additional Information :

  • For the payment services, the debtors shall bear the cost, which have to be provided in the debtor’s account before releasing the loan.
  • The debtor shall fulfill his/ her obligations to the bank on time.
  • If the debtor intends to have an early or partial termination in accordance with the regulations of the product, the debtor shall confirm with the bank and shall charged a penalty fee.
  • Complaints about the bank’s products can be made face-to-face, via email, letter and call centre.
  • If the debtor fails to make payment on time, thhe debtor shall be imposed to late charge.
  • Any payment overdue, inclucing interest, may affect the debtor’s collectibility.
  • Any costs charged to the client refer to the information covered in the Loan Offer and Loan Agreement.

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