Asuransi Perancang Dana Pro Optimal

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Asuransi Perancang Dana Pro Optimal

  • Insurance benefits
    1. Death Benefit due to Accident
      • Since the premium is received by the Insurer up to the date of receipt or rejection of the Policy, if the Insured dies due to accident then the Insurer will pay Sum Insured as stated in Policy or maximum of Rp. 200,000,000 (two hundred million Rupiah), and the Basic Premium will be returned.
    2. Death Benefit
      • Upon the Insured dies, the Insurer will pay the insurance benefit equal to death benefit sum assured in accordance to policy provision and account value (if any).
      • The insurance benefit as stated above refer to the following terms of insurance benefit applied in Insurer:
    3. Insured Age at died (x) Percentage of Insurance Benefit paid*
      < x < 1 year 20%
      1 year ≤ x < 2 year 40%
      2 year ≤ x < 3 year 60%
      3 year ≤ x < 4 year 80%
      x ≥ 4 year 100%

      *) on death benefit sum assured in accordance to policy provision

    4. Loyalty Bonus Benefit
      • Every 5th subsequent Policy Anniversary after the premium payment period is ceased, a loyalty bonus will be paid equal to 5% of the daily average Regular Basic Premium Account Value of the preceding 60 Monthiversaries from the policy year where the policyholder entitle to receive the loyalty bonus.
    5. Maturity Benefit
      • The insurer will pay the insuranc benefit at the end of insurance coverage in the form of additional of account value of regular basic premium in accordance to below table subject to maximum of 20% of basic sum assured.
      Entry Age of the Insured Percentage of additional account value of regular basic premium*
      up to age 55 20%
      Age 56 - 60 15%
      Age 61 - 65 10%
      Age 66 - 70 5%

      *)Payable at the end of insurance coverage along with the payment of Investment Benefit

    6. Investment Benefit
    7. The Insurer will pay Investment Benefits in the form of Account Value, if any, which will be paid in the case of:

      • Upon the end of insurance coverage as stated in the Policy document;
      • Upon the Policyholders make a withdrawal on account value or policy redemption;
      • Upon the Policy is canceled or lapse in the Insurance Period as set out in Policy document.

For further information, please see the brochure here.

The Insurer will not pay the death benefit in the case the Insured dies within insurance coverage due to:

  • Suicide, attempted suicide or self-injury is best done in a state of conscious or unconscious by the Insured occurring within 1 (one) year from the commencement date of the Policy or from the last date of policy reinstatement, which where the last date applies; or
  • Involvement of the Insured commit an illegal act, neglect and / or against / violate the law, including crimes committed by the insurer that owns or co-owns an interest in this insurance coverage.

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